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Mini Devils 1.F v SC Wentorf 1.F 4:0

Autumn Champions 2013 !!!!!!!!

Team List:
Dominik, Lenny, Jannes, Benjamin, Bosse, Ridley, Marcio, Levin, Jim, Jan-Malte

With a chance to celebrate the 2013 Autumn championship title a week early there was an air of purpose within the team. Unfortunately not everyone was of the same feeling and the fully warmed up players were left standing and waiting while a match official was called.

The game finally got underway and the Mini Devils didn’t seem the slightest bit phased by their extended warm up period. The boys got right into there playing structure and took it to SC Wentorf. The game was following the plan, the defense of Ridley, Benjamin and Marcio was giving nothing away and the midfield and forwards were looking dangerous. After several just missed opportunities Marcio, standing 10 metres out on the left side of the goals, was delivered a beautiful ball from the right corner and without hesitation drove the ball into the back of the net with the goal keeper left as a spectator, 1-0

Unfortunately instead of spurring the boys on, the Mini Devils seemed to lose concentration and the passes weren't sticking and the structure was lost. Luckily the individuals skills and competitiveness of the players managed to keep Wentorf out but the Mini Devils were not looking convincing. During another disorganized attacking raid Jannis seized the opportunity and lofted the ball over the goal keepers head and into the back of the net for a solid 2-0 lead.

The game went back and forth and the Mini devils struggled to find their silky passing game. Wentorf while behind were still in the game and started to apply the pressure. Dominics goal keeping brilliance denied Wentorf several chances and kept the score to 0. Just before half time Jan Malte ran onto a beautiful pass, managed to beat several players and narrowly missed the bottom left corner. The whistle went for half time and the mini devils returned to the sheds with a less than convincing, but handy, lead.

The boys came out after half time firing. Obviously the half time talk was a master stroke. The passes were working better and the opportunities were there to be taken. Benjamin, Lenny and Levin worked the right hand side time and again with just the final pass failing to hit its mark but it looked like they were back to play. Wentorf didn't want to lay down and fought hard, but every time they seemed to have a promising move the tireless defense of SCVM shut it down and restarted the attack. Ridley took the ball after breaking down another attack from Wentorf and ran the ball through the middle leaving defenders and the goalkeeper in his wake, only to be denied by a desperate defender on the line.

Levins probes down the right side were an endless source of problem until he finally found himself with the ball in front of goals and calmly put the third goal away, 3-0. The midfield really started to work, Bosse and Jim started to really inject themselves into the attack and Marcio showed skill and energy in both defense and attack. Jannis grabbed his double with a wonderful finish from a superb corner, 4-0.

Shortly after the fourth goal the whistle blew for full time and the boys found out they were Autumn Champions 2013 and celebrated a deserved title. Whilst many spectators were left wondering whether, a night of partying the day before such an important game was a good idea, it seemed now although, to be a possible master stroke.

Congratulations Mini Devils

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