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Mini Devils, top of the table clash with, SV Nettelnburg/Allermöhe

Mini Devils, top of the table clash with SV Nettelnburg/Allermöhe


Dominik, Jannes, Bosse, Alex, Lenny, Benjamin, Ridley, Marcio, Levin, Nico

The out right table leader was up for grabs with the table topping teams meeting on a Beautiful Sunny Summer Hamburg morning in the heart of Nettelnburg. An away challenge that had an air of excitement about it for the SCVM 2005 kids and fans. 

Considering what was on the line the boys seemed to be relaxed and confident as they took the field. The game started out well with the boys taking control early. The defence seemed impenetrable and the midfield seemed untouchable. Everything was going to plan until, a rare mishap down the left side, SVNA took the ball to the right corner and shot from an unlikely angle. Unfortunately the ever safe Dominik had his view obscured and had virtually  no chance of stopping what would have been otherwise a regulation save, 1-0 SVNA.

Instead of reacting badly the boys showed their growing maturity and stuck to their game plan. They continued building there attack with flowing passing moves, flanking the opposition and continually finding players in space, although unrewarded. After 10 minutes things were getting tense, then another strong build up led to what seemed another must score situation but at the last second SCVM seemed to be denied again right on the line, until the opportunistic Bosse presented his strong back to deflect the clearing kick directly into the goals, 1-1. The equalizer was found and now the self belief in the game plan, which rarely seemed in doubt, was now strengthened. 

The game continued as though it had restarted, the defence kept everything stable and the midfield delivered countless unrewarded chances, until a beautiful play down the right side delivered the ball to an unmarked Lenny on the left. Lenny took the ball calmly using the time he had, set himself and delivered a searing right footer to the top left corner, leaving the opposition goal keeper no chance, 1-2.

Now the boys had the sniff of victory, they continued to dominant having time and again goal scoring opportunities only to be denied by the last pass on which many occasions saw an unmarked player right in front of the goals. It was now Levin's time to stand up with a powerful shot from the right side putting SCVM further ahead 1-3. Shortly before half time Lenny got himself a double, putting another strong goal away, 1-4, giving the away team a commanding lead heading into half time.

The second half seemed to proceed as the first half started. The boys were playing like champions. Levin lined up for a corner and saw an unmarked Alex short, seeing this opportunity he passed it to Alex. Alex with time and space turned and saw Benjamin open in the middle of the field 10 metres from goal. Alex delivered a perfect pass and Benjamin hammered it home, another great team goal 1-5.

It was all going to plan until a defensive mishap led to a runaway goal for the opposition 2-5. This seemed to spur SVNA into action. They were not going to give up, it seemed as though they threw everything they had into the next few minutes. They were rewarded for their hard work with a penalty and successfully put it away 3-5. The game was now up for grabs, the home team thought they had a chance and the away "crowd" seemed concerned. The young men from Vierlanden however seemed resolute in coming away with a victory and again went back to there game plan and worked hard. Ridley and Benjamin steadied the defence whilst Marcio, Nico  and Alex tirelessly chased through the midfield. With 5 minutes to go the game was put out of reach for the home team through another great team goal. Levin receiving the ball from a sweeping passing manoeuvre, he shot the ball from outside the penalty area and the ever energetic Jannes chased hard and cleaned up the deflection from the keeper safely putting the ball in the back of the net, 3-6.

The whistle blew for the end of the game and the SCVM 2005 kids had taken out the top of the table clash, placing them outright leaders on 9 points heading into round 4. Congratulations to both teams on what was a very exciting and highly skilled matched where teamwork, team spirit, and sportsmanship were on display for all to see.





Förderverein des Scvm 2005

Förderverein des Scvm 2005

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